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Levels of help and support you've never found before 

Friendly, professional fitness experts to help you define, reach and maintain your goals 

A fitness environment in which you're welcomed, and not intimidated 

The peace of mind knowing you’re on the right path to success  

Our survey covers not only who you are, but a deep knowledge of what you want to achieve and your experience, if any, of a supervised fitness programme. 

Not used to gyms or fitness clubs?

No worries. With front-ranking state-of-the-art equipment and friendly, well-qualified consultants, we're your natural home if you're uncertain about using a gym. 

We GUARANTEE you a comprehensive Personal Fitness Success plan, measured by your survey results and based on our instinctive grasp of the 3 fitness fundamentals.

Have these held you back in the past? 

Measurable scientific knowledge of exactly what type of exercises will transform your shape and energy levels in double-quick time. 

Setting up a personalised nutrition and diet programme, taking on board your lifestyle and the daily challenges you face. 

Sustaining the self-motivation to establish a regular fitness cycle, then sticking with it long enough to see real results. And the sessions just fly by - you'll be amazed how quickly you progress.

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