Get ahead - Join the TRIBE!

Gym training for small groups – there’s no better way to get fit and get friendly.

We’re headhunting for small groups of between 4 and 8 people to get stuck into Tribe: a fantastic series of 45-minute training sessions at our gym.


Supervised by one of our chief fitness trainers over 6 or 12 weeks – your call – you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy training with an intimate Tribe class at the same time every week.

This is



and it’s the next big phenomenon in fitness.


Keeping Tribe groups small means keeping them bespoke. Because we know that everyone’s different, with varying needs, abilities and levels of fitness, Tribe classes will be purpose-designed around specific levels:


√  Beginners

√  Intermediates

√  Advanced

 So why should I join the Tribe?


√ A wonderful opportunity to train with your friends – and make new ones too


Expert supervision ensures correct exercising, that you do the work and you get the results you want


Buying ‘blocks’ of lessons, same time every week, means exercise becomes an adorable habit – and more than just another routine


√ Meeting your friends at the gym helps motivate you to train as hard as they do


Classes 7 days a week – you can change class times to suit your personal lifestyle


√ If you want, adjust exercise intensity as your fitness improves

Conventional gym activity? Bor-ring. Tribe’s different, and way better


Cheaper than hiring a trainer for 1-on-1 sessions


Varied types of sessions keep everything box-fresh and bubbling along

Get fit by getting Tribal – and join our small group training sessions.

Whether you’re a Beginner, an Intermediate or Advanced, there’s a rank in the Tribe specially for you.


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Your Guide To The 3 Levels of Class








Novice Tribe Sessions – You are new to exercise, or returning after an extended absence, perhaps plus sized, generally de-conditioned

Walkabout Tribe Sessions – You have been training consistently twice per week for 12 weeks or more

Warrior Tribe Sessions – You are in good physical condition, training regularly and can tolerate hi intensity workouts.





If you have a group of 6 people that would like to work out together and they are of mixed ability then that’s fine too. Contact us directly and we can customise the timing and tailor the sessions for your group.


So why not recruit a TRIBE or join a group and add some fun and friendship to your workouts

Simply Put:


4-8 people


Either way it’s great to have a regular booked time to meet up with your friends away from the stresses of normal life!

45 min x

6/12 weeks


Supervised Hi Intensity circuit workout of 45 minutes

Get Your Results


Small Group Exercises are very safe but impressively effective method to get your results


Member Prices

Non Member Prices

6 sessions


12 sessions


6 sessions


12 sessions


Minimum 4 people per session!

Sessions are 45 minutes (may take 1 hour inclusive of warm up/cool down and stretch etc.)


*FREE With Gold Membership, Discounted on Standard Membership

Get ahead - Join the TRIBE!

Join the next big phenomenon in fitness.