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A class using our for all levels lasting 30 minutes in order to strengthen and condition the abdominal regions from all angles



Exercise in water and have safe, great fun. It's amazingly good for you and comes with benefits it's land based equivalents can't offer



Outdoor military style aerobic class using your bodyweight and apparatus for exercises to circuit based techniques. Great for stamina building



Push yourself further in a varied class. Individual exercise stations ensure you target different muscle groups. Exercising this way will condition and improve aerobic fitness

Body Pump


Using adjustable  weights to tone and condition muscles. Raises the metabolic rate for burning  up to 540 calories in one session - a total body workout


Energize Spin


30 - 60 minute indoor cycling class for all levels of ability to improve cardiovascular fitness. NEW VIRTUAL instruction option for on demand classes!

Body Combat


Bodycombat is a high-energy martial art-inspired workout with no contact. Punch and kick to burn up to 740 calories per class whilst learning combat moves to release stress and feel like a champ



Interval training in 3 to 5 minute blocks maintaining maximum work capacity throughout the 45 minute session. Work your whole body efficiently and effectively for fast results



Involves hula-hooping to help achieve a slimmer waist and stronger core by toning glutes, hips and thighs. Top to toe workout as hoop is also used to tone the upper body in a 30 minutes session



30 minute workouts using just your bodyweight. Put 100% in for the duration. Achieve amazing results from this class in a short timescale




Strength and mobility exercises to gain a stronger back, improve core stability and strength, plus gain a flatter stomach




A Non-stop cardio session of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits for a sleek, sexy and powerful you



Tribe is a small group training class for VIP members which will vary each session for a full body workout or specific requirements requested by those attending


Les Mills GRIT


30 Minute High Intensity interval training workout using 100's of routines with 3 different class types -  Strength, Cardiovascular and Plyometric. Full body conditioning in a flash!

Plyo LBT


Plyometric training for muscle elastic strength and explosiveness to enhance athletic performance. Suitable for all levels you will condition and tone your legs, bums and tums!

Energize Balance


A yoga based fitness class centred on balance, whilst building strength. Leave feeling calm and relaxed

Step Aerobics


A creative routine using steps to build cardiovascular endurance and burn fat fast. Variety of non complex moves will keep your body in motion




Yoga uses physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. It consists of exercises that stretch and flex the body, plus develop breath awareness and relaxation


Dance Burn


With new and Old School music this full body-sculpting dance class helps build flexibility, muscle strength, tone and endurance - and burns calories and fat fast!

Outdoor Fitness


Build stamina through our new outdoor fitness class. Full of exercise routines to help build stamina for all levels of ability. You will learn techniques to build your endurance, speed and power

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